The platform ENERGOKLUB® creates exclusive place for informal discussion among representatives of wide spectrum of entities active on the Slovak energy market. Its vital part is the online media portal which regularly brings current news and topics from the energy sector.

ENERGOKLUB® may become a source of useful solutions to various challenges hindering the Slovak energy sector, home for debate on prospective directions of the sector, and at the same time, it helps to keep its Members always well informed about current affairs in the energy sector. Exchange of knowledge and experience and joint search for solutions in direct dialogue is a way to gain inspiration and move the Slovak energy sector forward.

The Club Membership gives opportunity to participate in standard, more formal events, such as lectures, seminars, and discussions, as well as special business-social meetings. Registered Members may log in non-public zone of webpage and gain access to exclusive articles with added value, presentations, interesting documents and other contributions. The exact package of services depends on selected type of the Membership. You may choose from Standard, Premium or VIP Membership.

The platform ENERGOKLUB® also organizes educational lectures that are open to non-Members subject to a charge. 

Join us and together we shift the constructive debate in energy sector to a new level!

About the company sféra, a.s.

Since 1992 the company sféra, a.s. has become significant supplier of IT solutions and services, especially in the energy sector. It is active on Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Austrian market. The company specializes in processing of graphic and technical data and provides solutions in the area of energy trading, electricity dispatching, facility management and maintenance, technical documentation maintenance etc.

Since 2006 sféra, a.s. has been organizing the conference ENERGOFÓRUM® which connects energy experts and helps to create the overall picture of current trends in the energy sector in Slovakia and beyond national borders. It also highlights the top topics of discussions which are taking place throughout the whole year under the umbrella of ENERGOKLUB®.